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Carnegie Medal winning Tanya Landman is the author of more than thirty books for children and young adults. 

Born and brought up in Kent, Tanya had no intention of becoming a writer until the idea for Waking Merlin popped into her head. "It came from nowhere. It was completely out of the blue." 

Tanya now lives and works in Bideford and the nearby coastline was the inspiration for her Flotsam & Jetsam series. 

Tanya's first books were "adventure stories with a sprinkling of magic and  spoonful of humour."  But then Tanya turned to crime, writing Mondays are Murder (winner of a Red House Book Award) - the first in a series of ten "Agatha-Christie-for-kids" featuring child sleuth Poppy Fields and her friend Graham. Her new highly illustrated books for younger children feature Sam Swann, an accident-prone boy sleuth and his faithful canine sidekick Watson.

Although she writes across a broad age range, Tanya is probably best known for her historical novels for young adults. 
Apache - set in 19th century America - was shortlisted for several UK awards including the Teenage Book Trust and the Carnegie  Medal (where it was voted the Shadowing Groups favourite). The US edition won a Borders Original Voices prize and a Spur award from the Western Writers of America. 
The Goldsmith's Daughter - set in the Aztec empire during the Spanish invasion - was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children's Fiction prize. Buffalo Soldier
 won the 2015 Carnegie Medal. Hell and High Water - a swashbuckling thriller set in 18th century Devon - was shortlisted for the 2016 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize and nominated for the Carnegie Medal. Her latest book Beyond the Wall is set in Roman Britain. Passing for White comes out later this year.


Tanya writes - "My first book was published in 2005 and on the site you can find out more about my current and forthcoming titles.

First, the PICTURE BOOKS. Working upwards on the age scale (starting with the youngest) The Little Egg and A Drop of Rain are great for children who are just starting to read.   Mary's Penny and The Fisherman and His Wife are based on traditional tales. The Selfish Giant is a retelling of Oscar Wilde's wonderful story.

The three FLOTSAM AND JETSAM books are nice for children from 6 to read to themselves, but also lovely to read aloud to younger ones from 3 or 4 upwards. These titles work well across the whole primary age range (up to and including Year 6) - it seems everyone relates to the magic of the sea!

For 7 - 11's there are the ADVENTURE BOOKS.  Zombie Dawn!!! is the first of the Sam Swann Movie Mysteries, followed by Tomb of Doom!!! and Attack of the Blobs!!!  Then there are the magical and mythical  Waking Merlin, Merlin's Apprentice, The World's Bellybutton and The Kraken's Snore. For those who are fond of animals there's 100% Pig.

The ten Poppy Fields MURDER MYSTERIES are for 9+ but also make light, entertaining reads for younger teens.

Useless, Two Words, Geronimo and Passing for White are SHORT, PUNCHY READS for 12+.

Apache, The Goldsmith's Daughter, Buffalo Soldier, Hell and High Water and Beyond the Wall are gripping HISTORICAL FICTION for both teenagers and adults.

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