With scenes of fake zombies, real pyramids, superheroes and one hungry dog....

Presenting SAM SWANN Star of stage and screen
(well... screen...)
(well, more of a background role, really...)

Sam Swann says, "To be honest, me and Watson are pretty happy hanging out behind the scenes. That's where it all happens. Like on the set of ZOMBIE DAWN!!! when Hollywood megastar Tinkerbelle Cherry (aged seven and three quarters) started seeing ghosts. Nobody believed her, so it was up to me and my pack brother to do some digging. What happened next was pretty weird - you couldn't make it up!
But that's how it is in the movies!"

About ZOMBIE DAWN!!! Tanya writes

"I love the movies (It's hard not to when you have an actor uncle who gets eaten by a shark!*) but I've always been as interested in the backstage stuff as what's on screen. I've got two children - both boys - and two Labradors. Watson and Sam are totally based on them and what they might do if they were ever let loose on a film set."

* Robert Shaw, who played Quint in JAWS.

(This is obviously where my sweet nature and easy going attitude come from...)

"Funny, frightening and just a little bit gruesome. Told in a fast-paced script, with illustrations by Jay Wright, it is quirky, enticing and sure to leave readers wanting more." THE SCOTSMAN

Sam Swann says, "Indiana Jones, eat your heart out!
Dad and I were on location in Egypt filming TOMB OF DOOM!!! It was awesome - pyramids, temples, mummies.... and a sinister stranger following us wherever we went. Freaky!
Then child star Tinkerbelle Cherry was struck down with a mystery illness. Even freakier!!
Time to investigate. It was all so confusing I thought my head would explode. Aaargh! What would Sherlock do?"

Sam Swann says, "Dad was hard at work on his new movie ATTACK OF THE BLOBS!!! Watson and I were living it large in America, land of the free. But not everyone was enjoying life Stateside. Some prankster was upsetting the start. Me and my sidekick had to get that Joker…"