"Light-hearted, fast-moving fun.... skilfully combines Arthurian mythology with a refreshingly straightforward comic fantasy." The Scotsman
About the Merlin books Tanya writes:
"I had no intention of becoming a writer until the first line of WAKING MERLIN popped into my head one sunny morning. I grabbed a notebook and jotted it down, intending to go back to it later, but found once I'd started writing I couldn't stop. In a week or so I had a first draft down on paper. Once I'd finished the first book, I began the second straight away - Katrina wouldn't leave me alone.
WAKING MERLIN was the first book I had accepted by a publisher. I'll never forget the thrill of getting that phone call. And as for seeing Thomas Taylor's illustrations for the first time - that was pure delight."

When she was ten years old, Katrina Picket woke Merlin. It was quite by accident - she'd had no intention of doing any such thing. But it was fortunate for everyone in England that she did. They didn't know, of course. The whole thing had to be hushed up. Most people thought it was a particularly inventive party for the Queen's jubilee. And as for the dragon and the exploding fireball - they were explained away as impressive special effects.
But Katrina, and the Prime Minister, knew different.....

It's Katrina Picket's birthday, and not only has her favourite bear been burnt to a crisp, but her best friend is ignoring her, and their supply teacher is non other that Morgan le Fay, the most evil sorceress that ever lived. Katrina summons Merlin. But can he train her to become a sorceress in time to defeat Morgan and save the country from destruction?

Merlin himself (aka Rod Burnett) came to the book's launch party in Bideford Library!