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"Hard hitting, bleak and full of heart." Metro

"Deft and dark and pitched beautifully." The Independent on Sunday

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ďI have been blown away by Buffalo Soldier. My 6th form students who study in our library approached me many times whilst I was reading the book asking me to explain the expressions on my face, unusually I have been lost for words because I was so engrossed with Charley and her world.
There have been very few books that have left me sitting with it closed at the end and just taking time to reflect and resisting the urge to go back to the beginning and start it all over again.
Our Head Girl (who has been a faithful student librarian now for 7 years and is a huge reader) was my 1st choice to read it after me.
She wishes me to say a very big thank you to you - as it is easily the best book she has ever read, she feels she has been educated about the horrors of that time and like me feels incredibly guilty about all the pain and suffering our ancestors caused.
We do both ask the same question to you Ė did you write it for adults or did you have young people in mind?
Anyway please accept our congratulations on a fantastic achievement and we are very glad that you kept going with Charley, we ate, slept, felt, smelt and heard every detail and are now quite frankly suffering from book ĎHang Overí
Sorry to go on a bit but we just canít enthuse enough, we loved it.Ē M. Roberts, Bourne Academy


"Out of 10, I would rate this book a ten. It is a great murder mystery book." Harry R, 10

"This book is the best book I have ever read. I barely put it down I probably read it about 3 times in a week. Tanya Landman is my top top author. 5/5. Triple triple triple." Zain

"I personally think the work phenomenal is an understatement. JK Rowling was my favourite author now Tanya you are number one on my list. My belly churned and flipped as Poppy was about to reveal the killer and to be honest I was slightly disappointed when the book finished (I wanted more)." Red House Book Award portfolio

"I think that you are a great writer. At the moment I am reading your series about Poppy Fields. I am really enjoying the books. They are some of the best I've ever read along with the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling." Olivia (aged 11 and 1 month)

"I LOVED it, it's the best book I have EVER read, you can't put it down!" Layla

"This book is one of the scariest books you'll ever read. It doesn't start off as a scary story, in fact at the beginning I wasn't sure I would like it. But as the book went on I got amazingly scared! So if you buy this book you will be in for a scare. Get this book now, your first scare is coming!" Mohammed

"As I was reading the novel I found that the language used felt realistic enough to make me quiver. It made me put the book down in horror! However something told me to pick it up again and begin to read!! I did enjoy the book but I found it really scary at first!! And now I am going to actually finish it!! WOW!!!" Thalita

"I really enjoyed reading Mondays are Murder because it was full of mystery and excitement." Chiara

"Mondays are Murder is one of the greatest books I have ever read with bags of drama and laughs on every page." Bill

"It is spooky and you feel like you're in the book investigating." Olivia

"A fast paced page-turner with a likeable heroine, believable characters and a sharp, tight plot that keeps you guessing 'whodunit' right until the end." Halifax Courier

"A gripping murder mystery with a fast moving plot that twists and turns as one gruesome event follows another. Tanya is the author of a number of novels for slightly older readers and this title is the first in a proposed mystery series. Itís spot on." Julia Eccleshare lovereading4kids

"Short, quick, easy reads, action-packed and dosed with a pleasing amount of gruesomeness." The Independent

"Tanya Landman gives us unusual and scary scenarios in which uncertainty and chilling reality produce a great mystery for young Miss Marples.....
Poppy's cynical outlook adds humour throughout and with a convincing twist in the tale this is a really satisfying story." Carousel


"The kids might be a little too young for CSI, but youngsters can still enjoy the thrill of detective work through Tanya Landman's latest two additions to her murder mystery series..... Landman's eye for details and witty humour will make her a firm bedtime favourite as the nights draw in." Coventry Telegraph


"Move over Nancy Drew, Poppy Fields is on the case in a story that is properly exciting and full of red herrings. suspense and more dead bodies than your average Agatha Christie." tbk mag


"This book is one of the best books I have EVER read.It was absolutely marvellous and immensely intriguing. 10/10 BY FAR!!!" Zoe Rose


"I think this novel is a masterpiece. It stands head and shoulders above most current writing for children... Inevitably it is a sombre and tragic story, but it is also a continuously exciting one: a tale of action, violence, bloodshed, revenge and heroism that moves with terrific pace and energy. ...... To write a compelling adventure story which is also a moving portrait of a doomed civilization and its values, and of man's inhumanity to man, is no mean achievement. Overall and in detail the story often tragic but never depressing, not least because of its marvelous heroine's brave and dignified voice. The book is quite extraordinary. It deserves to become a modern children's classic." Books for Keeps

"A magnificent account of life in a doomed tribe on the Mexican border towards the end of the 19th century: a disturbing but exhilarating experience." The Independent.

"A passionate and stunningly violent tale of wild justice." The Times

"A brilliantly realized landscape in which the orphaned Siki fights to gain the status of a warrior... the simple dignity of the language lends great power to a memorable story." The Sunday Herald.

"Truly remarkable first-person account of life as a female Apache warrior...Tanya Landman has created a narrative that both sounds and feel utterly authentic. It's like Cormac McCarthy for kids - brilliant." Venue

"If you enjoy books that really challenge you, put you through a whole series of emotions and introduce you to a world you never knew existed then read Apache..... The story is absolutely gripping. I recommend it to any reader aged 13 or above."
Sunday Express

"It has a strong and appealing central character, and authentic and extraordinary setting, and a powerful and engaging narrative." School Librarian

"I spent a day of my life with Siki yesterday and couldn't bear to leave her. Have just devoured the last few pages over breakfast and don't really want to come back into the real, civilized world yet. What a story. I absolutely loved it.
Congratulations on a shocking and beautiful and moving and unforgettable novel. I don't know where to start in telling you all the things I loved about it..... It's just a beautifully written book, its theme and geography taking me right out my comfort zone and transporting me to a time and place where nature set the pace of living. I really have been blown away by your book."
Catherine Forde

"So beautifully written you don't simply arrive at an understanding of a previously unimaginable way of life you start to think like an Apache. Disconcertingly powerful, with a lasting emotional impact." Time Out.

"Apache is the most upsetting book I have ever read. It touched me inside and out. I have read in between the lines and the words inspired me so incredibly that my life will never be the same. I have learnt some fascinating things about the Apache tribe whilst I was reading this amazing book.
I say you can judge a book by the cover because I judged this book to be upsetting. There are some exciting moments for the incredibly young brave Native Americans.
At the end of the book I wanted to read it over and over again."
Alysha Richardson
Sowerby Bridge High

"The book made me realise how badly the Apache tribe were treated over the years and I felt compelled to find out more about Native American History and what happened to them in the long term."
Robyn Stanfield
Todmorden High

"Firstly I have to say that this is definitely my favourite book of all time.
This is because I loved every little thing about it
I want to be as strong and brave and intuitive as Siki, who is a credit to her gender and her race. She is a true hero!
Finally I would like to say that next time I see a Tanya Landman book I will definitely read it! This is a book I will truly never forget."
Sifut Sethi
Crossley Heath School

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it shows you that you canít always win and life is a game of luck.
I recommend this book to whoever feels like they canít make a difference because they can if they never give up."
Afreen Hussain
Halifax High

"It wasnít just a good read it also changed how I see the world. It wasnít an easy book at the start but when I got into it was excellent and Iím very glad that I took the time to read it thoroughly. The book is one which I would like to read over and over again because it is such a good book. The book challenged my thinking but Iím happy that it did. It was a gripping read and I would recommend it to anyone. On the whole, it was a brilliant book."
Rachel Thorpe
Crossley Heath School

"A fascinating short book detailing an important aspect of American history." lovereading4kids

"I knew nothing at all about the man behind the name, but Tanya Landman has done a superb job of bringing the story of Geronimo to life." writeaway

"Geromino poses the question - freedom fighter or law breaker - right at the outset.... It's an exciting tale of the great Apache warrior, but it has no happy ending. The reader is left to decide whether he was a hero or a criminal." Books for Keeps

"For any author taking on the fall of the Aztec Empire, the danger is not being up to the event's inherent drama and tragedy. But Landman vanquishes such doubts with this pulse-pounding yet sensitive saga of a girl's struggle for true freedom....Though harrowing in spots, this has enough restraint to capture female, male and adult readers alike." Booklist Online: Book Reviews from the American Library Association

"If I could, I would give this book a million stars out of five." Ellie, Queen Anne's School.

"I think this is a unique book. I haven't read one like it before but I would definitely read it again even though I know the story. I would recommend this book for girls and boys who like excitement in a historical and cultural setting." The Guardian

"This sad and beautifully written novel is set in the final days of the extraordinary Aztec Empire.... Landman creates such a vividly splendid picture of one of history's most remarkable civilizations that readers will be able to conjure up every street, canal and building of the 'floating city'." The Northern Echo

"Following her success with Apache, Tanya Landman has written another gripping story for young adults.... Itacate has to fight hard to overcome the social impositions of her own culture...from the first paragraph the reader is caught up in her seemingly desperate situation and carried by means of the author's accomplished style." School Librarian

"Captivating and intelligent, this book is a wonderful introduction to great writing for young people." Kingston Informer

"A striking adventure with a dramatic twist in the tail." Julia Eccleshare lovereading4kids


"A beautifully structured and rather wistfully written story of what happens when the Flotsam and Jetsam of the title, assuming human characteristics, are washed ashore and ingeniously set up home on a secluded little beach. The descriptions of a shoreline existence and its abandoned bits and pieces all carry the authentic tang of the sea." The Irish Times

"A delightful alternative to fairies, wizards and naughty schoolboys." Junior

"In Flotsam and Jetsam Tanya Landman has taken the unwanted debris of ships and oceans and turned it into something utterly delightful. Ruth Rivers' illustrations for this Swiss Family Robinson in miniature are full of mischief and charm." The Scotsman


"Fresh and engaging - and full of surprises - this is a story to inspire." Books for Keeps

"A highly inventive story with an endearingly ordinary, yet very courageous young hero." The Northern Echo

"The writing is stylish, the humour gentle and the story is engaging." INIS

"Children who don't know the Greek myths will love this lively, playful adaptation. For those who don't, it's a great introduction. There's lots of humour, excitement and fun in this story, which is perfectly complemented by Ross Collins' delightful line drawings. Good for individual readers, this book would also work well for a whole class studying the ancient Greeks." School Librarian

"A fast-moving, warm and funny read." The Scotsman

"Scary but thrilling...A great, fun book - I couldn't put it down!" Woman's Own

"An entertaining adventure story." The Irish Times


"The gods and monsters of Greek myths are brought right up-to-date in this very enjoyable story with its fast-moving plot and numerous action scenes. The text is fresh, fun and full of belly-laughs making it perfect for newly confident readers, especially boys." School Librarian

100% PIG

"Reluctant readers will laugh out loud." Junior Education

"There is a splendid ending, and the whole is huge fun." Carousel


"The story is well paced and written with verve and humour, with friendly black and white illustrations adding to its charm." Books for Keeps

"Light-hearted, fast-moving fun.... skilfully combines Arthurian mythology with a refreshingly straightforward comic fantasy." The Scotsman

"Genuinely gripping writing, which does not flinch from dark matters, makes this a must for young knights and young ladies alike." Venue


"A beautiful book...It is a lovely story about lateral thinking." The Observer

"This wise, beautifully paced and illustrated fairytale is feminism at its best." The Times

"This richly illustrated, playful moral tale will delight daughters and teach all children about appreciating other people's differing talents." Junior Resources


"Funny, frightening and just a little bit gruesome. Told in a fast-paced script, with illustrations by Jay Wright, it is quirky, enticing and sure to leave readers wanting more." The Scotsman