"There is a splendid ending, and the whole is huge fun." Carousel

The lovely Tilly

About 100% PIG, Tanya writes:
"In 1998, two Tamworth pigs escaped from a sausage factory. They made the news headlines, and became famous all over the world. I thought the idea of a pig on the run was a great starting point for a book. I'd kept a pet pig for years - a lovely Vietnamese Pot Bellied sow called Tilly, so I knew a fair bit about how pigs behave. I was thinking about the character of a Tamworth and wondering how it might sound when one night Terence - a custard swilling boar with a fine Australian accent rootled his way into my dreams and started talking about his impeccable pedigree..."

If like horses as much as I do you'll enjoy 'Clever Charlie' - my story about a girl who's desperate for her own pony. It appears in WINTER MAGIC published by Stripes.