Magical, mythical, world-saving escapades involving wizards and grumpy gods... Movie mysteries starring one boy and his dog... And a pig on the run...

Waking Merlin

(illustrated by Thomas Taylor)

When she was ten years old, Katrina Picket woke Merlin. It was quite by accident - she'd had no intention of doing any such thing. But it was fortunate for everyone in England that she did. They didn't know, of course. The whole thing had to be hushed up. Most people thought it was a particularly inventive party for the Queen's jubilee. And as for the dragon and the exploding fireball - they were explained away as impressive special effect. But Katrina, and the Prime Minister, knew different. 


Merlin's Apprentice

(illustrated by Thomas Taylor) 

It's Katrina Picket's birthday and not only has her favourite bear been burnt to a crisp, but her best friend's ignoring her and their supply teacher is none other than Morgan le Fay, the most evil sorceress that ever lived! Katrina summons Merlin. But can he train her in time to defeat Morgan and save the country from destruction?


The World's Bellybutton

(illustrated by Ross Collins)

William Popidopolis is in a race against time! Has William got to Greece in time to help Zeus retie the knot that secures the world? He may be a god, but the bossy swan urgently needs William's help.


The Kraken's Snore

(illustrated by Ross Collins)

Can William conquer the monster from the deep? A sea monster's snoring threatens to sink Britain. Can William and Zeus wake the kraken before the land disappears below the waves?


Zombie Dawn!!!

(illustrated by Daniel Hunt)

Sam Swann and his dog Watson are hanging around behind the scenes on the movie set of Zombie Dawn!!! When child megastar Tinkerbelle Cherry starts seeing ghost, Sam and Watson have to do some digging...


Tomb of Doom!!!

(illustrated by Daniel Hunt)

Sam and his dad are in Egypt filming Tomb of Doom!!! but a sinister stranger is following them wherever they go. When child star Tinkerbelle Cherry is struck down with a mystery illness it's time for Sam to investigate...


Attack of the Blobs!!!

(illustrated by Daniel Hunt)

Sam and his dad are in America filming Attack of the Blobs!!! but some prankster is upsetting the megastars. Sam and his sidekick have to track down the Joker...


100% Pig

(illustrated by Judy Brown)

Terence the Tamworth boar is proud to be 100% pig. But his cosy life on the rare breeds farm changes the day a lorry comes to take him away. Can Terence escape before it's too late? And if he does, how will he cope with being a pigs on the run?