Super-readable books published by the excellent Barrington Stoke.



(illustrated by Seb Camagajevac) 

They took his land, they killed his family, but Geronimo went on fighting. Some called him a killer. A criminal. Others called him a brave man. A hero. How far would you go to defend your freedom?



(illustrated by Julia Page) 

Rob has 2 dads. The real one - who walked out. The stepdad - who walked in and took Dad's place. Who should Rob hate? Who can Rob trust?



(illustrated by Julia Page) 

The blink of an eye. One sharp breath. A single heart-beat. Jake and Matt are in high spirits when they go hiking. They'll show Lee they can finish first! But everything can change in the space of a minute...



1848. America's Deep South. Slave girl Rosa is pale-skinned enough to 'pass for white,' yet escape seems an impossible dream until she meets Benjamin. Together they hatch a desperate plan. If Rosa poses as a white gentleman, Benjamin can travel as her slave... But can Rosa hold her nerve on their thousand mile flight to freedom?



 When your childhood disappears in a blizzard. When you're a girl in a man's world. When the only things that stands between you and a life worth having is a gun. You're only going to get one shot.